The Cannabis Innovation center is an Israeli biotech innovation group with a specialty in the fields of Cannabis with main strengths in the pharmaceutical space through its vast experience and activities.


Stero Biotechs – a pharmaceutical startup company developing a CBD-based steroid sparing treatment with a strong IP, ongoing phase 2a clinical trials with more indications in the pipeline for

CannaLean Biotechs – a pharmaceutical startup company developing a novel formulation to lower the lipid blood levels in patients with dyslipidemia with 3 successful pre-clinical trials with 2 clinical trials in the pipeline

CannaMore Biotechs – a pre-clinical and clinical stage research platform company committed to the development of novel and improved cannabis-based treatment options with a groundbreaking partnership with the largest HMO in Israel with multiple clinical trials in the pipeline

BioSeed – a biotech & Cannabis startup incubator that provides the perfect eco-system for startup companies in the vast field of Biotech and Cannabis in particular, with dedication to support early stage startups, providing them all the necessary tools guidance ,R&D support and more. BioSeed specializes in biotech with an emphasis on Cannabis in the fields of pharma, medical device, diagnostics, OTC and cosmetics.

CannaDu – an exclusive Biotech Venture Capital fund, focused on Cannabis investments in fields of Pharmaceuticals, wellness, medical applications & devices.

the CIC's current & future clinical trials pipeline

GvHD prevention2b
Crohn's Disease2a
Peripheral Neuropathy2a
Bronchiolitis Obliterans treatment2a
GvHD treatment2b
COPD & Asthma /Autoimmune2a
Ulcerative colitis2a
Bronchiolitis Obliterans prevention2a
GvHD  prevention3